Somewhere Salty

travelling the world, one ocean at a time

Plastic, plastic, plastic everywhere. Our dependency on single use plastic is overwhelming now. Bottled water seems like the natural choice when someone wants water. Heaps of new plastic bags come back to the house each time someone comes back from shopping. I spend a good deal…

Us humans and our plastic

One of my oldest goals, and the one recurring every year on the new year’s wish list, is to learn a new language. Mostly French. I have done a year’s beginner classes with the Alliance Française in Colombo, Sri Lanka and 5 months’ classes in…

My love/hate affair with the French language

“Why live an ordinary life when you can have an extraordinary one?” – Anonymous

Went surfing at Raalhugandu for the first time today, in the rain. It was good to finally get in there instead of staring at the surfers and the waves from my home balcony (just because I don’t have a board). I didn’t catch anything but…

Finally got into the surf in the Maldives

“Give until you’re all used up, then remove yourself, breath, and return and give more” – Anonymous