Life of Ni


It’s been over two weeks since I came to Pondicherry and I thought I’d do an update of what I have been up to all this time.

My daily routine mostly consists of going to Kallialay Surf School (KASS) on Serenity beach just before mid day, and taking photos of the surf lessons and surfers in the waves till end of the day. Or anything else which looks interesting enough on the beach. Check out their Facebook page for some of the photos. I’m also selling the surfing photos to the students, to contribute to the upcoming Summer Swell Challenge surf festival.



Serenity beach in the village of Tandriankuppam lies to the north of Pondicherry town and stretches upto 1.5 km. Whoever has named it, has done a good job, as it is very calm and serene. When I first got there, I smiled to myself. It has this peaceful vibe to it. There are little huts on the beach for the fishermen to store their fishing nets. You can see the fishermen in their little boats, lined up in the horizon. Locals in colourful clothes do not seem to hesitate to get into the water, at any time during the day.




Interesting to say, this is my first beach time in India and it’s nice to see no hawkers or touts on a beach for once, as I have mostly seen in touristy beaches in South Asia and South East Asia.

I have my lunch at Bodhi Cafe (paid by the surf school), which is right next to the school. It’s the only cafe on the beach and attracts a lot of locals and foreigners alike. The seating area is upstairs with plenty of space, colourful sofas and cushions. It’s a great viewing point for the activity on the beach. It is also a great vantage point for my photos when it’s too hot to go down or I want to be ‘discreet’.

Bodhi Cafe

I still haven’t taken any surf lessons myself. If you didn’t already know, my ear has just healed after having a perforated eardrum. Three months without going underwater has been challenging, surprisingly rewarding (I get to take more photos) and interesting at times. Try showering without getting water or shampoo into one ear! For three months. (As Sherlock Holmes would say, “Patience, My dear Watson”)