Who am I?

I’m Mariyam Niuma (or Niuma, Ni, or Mariyam for some), from the Maldives. My best childhood memories are from travelling to Laamu Atoll every year, where I was born. As I was raised in the city Male, I only went to Laamu once a year, during year end school holidays. Thinking back, now I know why I spent so much time alone at the beach and outdoors, exploring and discovering new things; I love the ocean and I love adventure! My mum would say I always came home for meal times and to sleep. My family called me ‘hingaakulhi’ in Dhivehi, which, in more politer terms, mean ‘one who wanders’.

Beach time with niece and nephew in Alifu Dhaalu Atoll Maamigili, Maldives

Beach time with niece and nephew in Alifu Dhaalu Atoll Maamigili, Maldives

What have I been up to before?

My previous careers have been in the not-for-profit sector, working in community development, communications and media. I also worked over a year in Sri Lanka for a media organisation which helped me in learning about making films and documentaries.

Why do I travel?

I feel there is more to life than sitting at a desk everyday or commuting to work. I hope to be on the move all the time, wandering, exploring, and satisfying my curiosity of the world. My future plans involve a lot of travelling, yoga, learning, surfing, sailing and a bit of French.

What ticks me?

I like to take photos. And videos. Especially of wildlife. Birds, butterflies, fish. You name it.

My other big passion is marine conservation. Sometimes I wonder if there is any chance of saving our planet from us humans. I have finally decided it is best to enjoy what’s left of it and show people the beauty which surrounds us.

Why this blog?

Through this blog, I will share my travels in the Maldives and elsewhere. It IS very much possible to travel cheaply in the Maldives, if you have the correct information and are willing to move out of your comfort zone.

Thanks for reading and feel free to contact me or share any of my posts or photos.