A list of things I have done and would like to do. It mostly consists of travel and adventure.  Let me know if there’s anything you feel I should add as I’m sure there are things I haven’t even heard of!

1- go underwater in a submarine – done

2- go bungee jumping – done

3- go paragliding – done

4- crew on a sailing boat – done

5- get my padi open water – done

6- get my padi advanced open water

7- get AIDA freediving certification at least to level 3

8- learn to surf

9- get certified as a surfing instructor

10- experience Yi Peng in Thailand

11- experience Holi in India

12- experience Diwali in India – done

13- experience Loy Krathong

14- go to La Tomatina

15- visit all the administrative atolls of the Maldives

16- visit all local islands in the Maldives

17- sail around the world

18- volunteer abroad – done, in Sri Lanka

19- work abroad – done, in Sri Lanka

20- go to Burning Man in Nevada

21- see Mardi Gras

22- go to a world music festival – done, in Borneo

23- go to a percussion festival

24- learn to play the flute

25- HANG drum festival

26- go skydiving

27- sail across the Maldives

28- dive different atolls of the Maldives

29- surf different waves of the Maldives

30- establish an organic farming project in the Maldives

31- WWOOF and get some organic farming experience

32- live with an indigenous tribe in Africa or anywhere

33- teach English to children or women

34- teach Dhivehi to a foreigner

35- teach yoga

36- teach surfing to Maldivian kids and women

37- teach someone how to snorkel – done

38- learn fluent French – know the basics now

39- make mosaic art

40- see the aurora borealis

41- see the aurora australis

42- travel across Australia

43- travel across New Zealand

44- work in France

46- learn martial arts (a childhood wish)

45- learn Italian

46- learn Spanish

47- learn German

48- speak Hindi

49- speak Sinhala

50- go trekking in Nepal – done, 4 days trekking

51- go on a longer trek in Nepal

52- see the Valley of Flowers in India

53- live a year exploring India

54- snorkelling with mantas – done

55- swim with whale sharks

56- swim with basking sharks

57- see the cherry blossoms in Japan

58- walk the Great Wall of China

59 – work in a resort in the Maldives – done

60- work with Nat Geo

61- publish a guide book on the Maldives

62- see the karst rocks in Thailand – done

63- see the karst rocks in Vietnam (I have a thing for karst rock mountains!)

64- swim with dolphins – done

65- skinny dipping in the ocean – done

66- learn to juggle with 5 balls (can do 3 now!)

67- learn to skateboard

68- live away from civilisation for a while (maybe on a deserted island, or up in the mountains somewhere)

69- work on a marine research project

70- teach photography to someone

71- live in an ashram for a while

I will try and put up photos here as I complete each one, and also organise the list into categories.  For now, this will do, surely?